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Thousands of people use Boston BP every day to search for professional services. Our site lets customers view full company profile, get general information about the business type and look through company profile details to find someone to hire for their next project.

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Business Identity In a lot of ways, your business is your identity. And you want to put your best foot forward. Consistent online information like business address, phone number, web address, etc. are all ways to ensure customers can find you and not a competitor - every time.

Social Media Strategy You can’t be everywhere all the time. Luckily, social media is a way to reach a wide audience at any given time of the day. Let your customers know the latest and greatest about your business and get to know them in return using the digital tools we have to offer.

Online Reviews Everyone has an opinion - and voices are now louder than ever. Whether it’s a rave review or constructive criticism, manage your business’ online reputation.

Google AdWords With the power of Google, stay relevant in search. Get found ahead of competitors when customers search for your business.

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We have many years of experience helping local businesses grow. We know your competition, and we can help you find the right customers. That’s why 80% of our businesses stay with us each year, well above the industry average. Want to see what we can do for you?

Social Media & Content Marketing

There are over 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook, and over 500 million users on sites like Twitter and Instagram. These platforms present vital marketing opportunities for the health and growth of your business.
Social outlets have become an integral part of so many lives. These sites, designed for virtual connection, have become a well of opportunity for businesses. We will help you effectively reach out through professional content creation and social media management services so you have access to tools to measure your progress.
Our team will manage advertisements and promotional content posts through your company’s Facebook account and create high-quality, shareable content that’s specific to your business, your vision, and your voice.
Social media marketing also allows for incentivized marketing, like social coupons and online sweepstakes. By integrating creative campaigns into your social media marketing, you exponentially expand your clientele and see that exposure translate into revenue. We will manage your company’s Facebook page on your behalf, whether that means building new content and campaigns, or executing and effectively managing your existing social media campaign.

Responsive Web Design & Development

Approximately 50% of small businesses in the United States have invested in a website. Websites are essential to your business’ health and growth. Boston BP can provide a website that’s easy to update, is mobile device-friendly, and that ranks highly in search engine results and content quality.

Having a website allows individuals to locate your business, learn about who you are, and connect quickly. Having a beautiful, responsive website makes all the difference. We incorporate SEO strategies, social media integrations, website analytics, and a design intended to optimize traffic to your website. This is all done so that when people search online for your services or products, they can find you easily and are more likely to respond.
Our content team will provide you with up to 10 pages of custom, high-quality content. We incorporate keywords relevant to your business into the content to help improve your organic traffic. At the same time, we maintain a high standard of quality with the written content so that you’re satisfied with how your business is represented.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

79% of search engine users say that they frequently click on the natural search results instead of the paid ads. We optimize your results and raise your ranking higher within an organic web search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that ranks your website higher on the search engine list by incorporating strategic alterations to your website. Making a keyword-list specific to your business is the first step. A good SEO strategist knows that high-quality content is just as important as strategically incorporating those keywords into the online content. High-quality content and readability increases the likelihood of naturally-generated traffic.
SEO specialists can help you implement a specific strategy for your website that targets your businesses specific needs and prioritizes those needs. If you’re a fan of your current website content but want to see that information optimized, an SEO representative can make smaller changes to help generate more natural exposure for your business through search engine queries. If you need an overhaul or additional content, we can deliver that too.

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