Company Overview


Boston BP is a media company dedicated to connecting local businesses with a ready-to-buy audience. Boston BP is a digital marketing and solutions organization that specializes in creating the total web presence that small businesses need to make sure they reach their online audience of current and prospective customers. When clients select Boston BP, they choose a team of industry-leading experts who can work with them to develop and execute a comprehensive total web presence plan specifically for their small businesses. They have the power to decide exactly which products and services will best meet their needs, whether it’s an easy-to-edit website that uses our innovative technology, or our social publishing, reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) services.


For local businesses, Boston BP offers integrated solutions that are designed to help build their presence and expand their reach through a variety of digital services.

Our goal is to drive meaningful results for small businesses every day. Our high-quality, thoroughly researched services are continually evolving to keep up with Internet trends and growth. We know that our technology and services work because they are the same ones that we use to grow our own business and clients’ small businesses in local communities across the country.

Who Are We?

We are a team of people focused on one thing - connecting busy people with the best local merchants. Boston BP is the largest online network of local business owners, and we are a direct line to the businesses in your community who can solve your day-to-day problems.


Find a merchant: When you're looking for a Contractor, Real Estate agent or Car Dealer you need more than simple reviews...we've got you covered with social recommendation, customer testimonials, and tools that let you talk to real merchants.

Get advice: Not everyone knows how to repair a car or do their taxes, but many want to try. By contacting directly our listed companies you can get answers to almost all your questions.

Find a deal: Everyone wants a good deal, and our merchants are eager to give you fact the sponsored listings help you find most updated deals from our merchants.


Online visibility is good. It means more customers, more business and more profits. We give you everything you need to connect with the consumers in your community looking for services.

We can create your online presence, launch online ads, manage your reputation and get you found in top search engines.

Get more customers: Boston BP delivers actively searching customers right to your inbox or mobile device. We provide unparalleled solutions that deliver measurable results. We tap into great minds to make innovation available to as many companies as possible.

Our Smart Approach

Our Mission

Our Mission

Boston BP mission is to provide small, independent businesses an opportunity to reach a qualified, local consumer audience through a profile on it’s highly trafficked, consumer-facing website.Boston BP provides its content to users in a hyper-local context, that is, neighborhoods and other relevant localities.

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Our Vision

To become the most trusted partner for companies in and not only, to be a great place for inspired people. Every month we help millions of consumers find valuable local business information from driving directions and hours of operation to Web links and customer reviews. We want to enable the Autonomous World for everyone.

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